Jude Penney -- Remembering Mom


Remembering Mom

Mom's battle with cancer lasted for almost 11 years - and mom won the battle to her last breath.

She inspired me and everyone she met in many different ways - always helping in one way or another. She was someone who made a difference in the lives of everyone she met. During her last year with us she came up with the idea of StayMama.ca. Imagine her last year battling day after day and still thinking of ways to help others.
She did it.
My sisters and I talked about it and built it and during her last 7 months with us it proved to be an extremely useful tool for her to keep in touch with family and friends that were spread across the country. Many of you were kept up to date by visiting this site.
She told us to do everything we can to get it out to others who may benefit from it. You can all help - tell people about it.

Mom fell in love with Vancouver 6 years ago and during her short stay in BC, she spent a lifetime.

Our family will be encouraging everyone (if they can) to participate in the Terry Fox run.
Mom's wish and now 'our families goal' will be to raise money and join in Terry's legacy, my Mom's legacy and spread the word through these events and through StayMama.ca (my mom's contribution) to help families who are living with cancer around the world.

A link is now available on the StayMama.ca website for you to join Team StayMama and generate pledges directly to the Terry Fox Foundation in mom's name for any events or challenges that you enter.     This will be cumulative and we hope to see the numbers grow over the years to come.
Thank you