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Wrong Diagnosis

This is a history of my 10 year journey with colorectal cancer. You must understand that the majority of patients with metastasized cancer of this kind don't have "A 10 Year Journey ".

This story begins a year or so before the initial diagnosis.

The reason I'm posting this story on a website is to create an awareness about Colorectal Cancer so that no other member of my family will ever have to endure...suffer or perhaps die from this disease. Many cancers...most as a matter of fact can't be stopped in their tracks.
Colorectal Cancer Can !

By a simple procedure....a Colonoscopy.

The fact is that once the disease presents with symptoms...it's usually too late to stop it and the prognosis is very very poor once it spreads to other organs..typically the liver or lungs. Early screening before symptoms appear can save your life.

In Canada, an estimated 19,100 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year. Half of these patients have metastatic disease at the time of diagnosis. It's the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Canada.